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Paul****Time: 2019-06-20
how long does it take for my glasses to be ready. it has been 10 days and it still shows as being in manufacturing. I used another company before and got my prescription lens in less than 10 days
Dear Paula Martinez, we would like to tell you that we have finished the lenses and the only thing we need to do is putting the lenses into the frames. If everything goes smoothly, we will ship it out via standard shipping this week.
Wale****Time: 2019-06-19
How to get the transition lens in my order
Dear Waleska Rivera, we would like to tell you that actually “Transitions” is a trade name applied to the generic lens term. What you referred to is photochromic lenses which darken with exposure to direct sunlight and becomes clear again when removed from the sunlight. Concerning your case,could you please tell us which pair do you need to change to photochromic lenses? In addition,we provide two colors( grey and brown) for photochromic lenses and you are advised to tell us your choice,then we will make the change for your order. We have sent an email to you and you are advised to reply us directly.
Ange****Time: 2019-06-19
Is it Canadian funds or american
Dear Angela iantorno, we would like to tell you that our currency is in USD.
Desa****Time: 2019-06-18
I asked for my prescription, but I do not see anything about a pd. How do I obtain that?
Dear Desa Smith,we would like to tell you that the PD is the distance between the two pupils, center to center,in millimeters.It is very important and you can not order prescription Glasses without PD. If you don't know your actual PD,you are advised to consult it with Dr. or measure it by yourself or your friends. Please click at: https://www.glasseslit.com/glasses for the information of how to measure PD. Or check the video from us to measure the PD with your old glasses: https://youtu.be/Kx-6BBEOTnI
Sabr****Time: 2019-06-18
Hi, this is my first time ordering on glasseslit and I was wondering how long "manufacturing" takes, it has been a week since placing my order.
Dear Sabrina S, we would like to tell you that normally it will take 7-15 working days to customize your lenses due to your prescription. When the order is finished, it will be shipped out.
Juli****Time: 2019-06-16
I have a question regarding the PD number on my prescription it says the Dist PD is 60 and the Near PD is 57 yet when i click the box that says that it includes two PD numbers the highest it goes for both is 40.0 How can I input these numbers?
Dear Julieta Lira, we would like to tell you that the PD 60/57 is total PD and you don't need to click "I have two PDs". We have received your email and replied you directly.
vict****Time: 2019-06-13
Hello, What is the difference between the "mid-high index" and the "high index"? What is this referring to?
Dear victoria gore, we would like to tell you that "Index" refers to the refractive quality of the lens, or the degree to which the lens bends light passing through it.  And the High-Index lens are applied to strong prescriptions, which can make lenses much thinner than using common Mid-Index lens lens. But the higher index lens only produces a thinner lens if the correction to be placed in is very strong.
ROSE****Time: 2019-06-13
Does Glasseslit do the Computer Progressive lenses?
Dear ROSE EVANS, we would like to tell you that we do offer the progressive lenses. In a Progressive lens, the shape of the corrected part of the lens is approximately that of a funnel or a mushroom, with the top portion for distance-vision, narrowing to the lower middle for mid-range (corridor), finally to the bottom portion for the near-vision or reading. 
Laur****Time: 2019-06-12
i am supposed to get 20% off my first order
Dear Laura Ventimiglia, we have to tell you that the frame is $9.95 item and two discounts can not be used together. If you still want it,please feel welcome to complete the payment. Otherwise,it would be cancelled in 3 days later. Or you can place a new order on the website. Thanks so much for your cooperation and understanding.
Rash****Time: 2019-06-12
Hi I've noticed that my order: 1906100621318 is still in the manufacturing status and not shipping the thing is I paid for expedited shipping so im expecting my glasses at least by Friday of this week will it arrive by that date or the latest Saturday? 5/15/2019
Dear Rashada Newell, we would like to tell you that the total time includes the processing time and shipping time. In addition,we are rushing the order for you and if everything goes smoothly,we will ship it out via express shipping within two business days. Since the delivery time is decided by the shipping company, we can't tell you that exact delivery time. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
Zule****Time: 2019-06-10
Hello, I made my order on May 10th. I have been tracking the package and since May 24 the status is In Transit to Next Facility. I think 14 days in that status is a lot of time. Do you have a way to knowing what status it is?
Dear Zuleika Quinones,we have checked that your order is on the way to you and you will receive it soon. Since you choose the standard shipping, it normally takes 15-30 business days for delivery and the business days don't include the weekends. Thanks for your understanding and patience.
Trac****Time: 2019-06-08
I had credit for glasses that I had to return. I want to place an order using said credit but I can't seem to find it and know how to apply it. Help! Thank you!
Dear Tracy Abrahams,we have added the store credit $61.85 to the unpaid order. If you still need it, you are advised to complete the payment. In addition,we have sent an email to you and you are advised to reply us directly.
Torr****Time: 2019-06-06
Hello, I was delighted to receive my glasses earlier this week. However, I requested no-line bifocal and I did not receive that. I tried to pull up my original order form but I am not able to do so. I would like no-line bifocals. I would greatly appreciate assistance with this issue.
Dear Torrion Carter, we would like to tell you that you ordered bifocal lenses in this order which have lines. If you need the no line lenses, you can order progressive lenses. Concerning your case, you are advised to return the glasses to our US center, once we receive the return package, we will issue you a one time 100% store credit (excluding shipping price), which is $46.85, you can use the SC to reorder other glasses with correct prescription on our web. Is that OK ? We have sent an email to you and you are advised to reply us directly.
marq****Time: 2019-06-06
may i order transition lenses
Dear marquise, we would like to tell you that actually “Transitions” is a trade name applied to the generic lens term. What you referred to is photochromic lenses which darken with exposure to direct sunlight and becomes clear again when removed from the sunlight. 
Mere****Time: 2019-06-05
hi, my dog just ate a pair of glasses i just bought and i don't see them listed anymore, is there any way i can get another pair? they were my favorite. the plastic brown ones! thank you!!
Dear Meredith Keefe, we are so sorry to hear that and have to tell you the frame you chose has been out of stock. In addition, we will not refill it any more. Concerning your case, you are advised to have a look at the other frames on our web.
pris****Time: 2019-06-05
I bought a glasses and it did not last 02 months the leg broke from the frame this had never happened order id 1902262043470
Dear priscila,we are sorry to hear that and would like to tell you that we only provide a 30 days' warranty after you receive the glasses. Thus your order is beyond our warranty. In addition,we have sent an email to you and you are advised to reply us directly.
Agui****Time: 2019-06-04
Hi there! I would like to make a purchase online but I have some questions about filling up the details about the lenses. I'm from Brazil and I have my lenses prescription but is in Portuguese, I have astigmatism. Can I send the photo of my prescription so you can check and tell me the right way for me to fill up to avoid any mistake, please. Thank you!
Dear Aguida,concerning your case, you are advised to take a picture of your original prescription as well as PD value and then send it to us for reference. In addition, our email address is cs@glasseslit.com. Once we receive it, we will reply you ASAP.
Ward****Time: 2019-06-01
I am browsing on an Android phone... Im trying to search mens frames by size.. can dind the feature
Dear Ward Bond, we are sorry to tell you that we do not offer this service but the sizes for frames are under the pictures of the frames and you are advised to have a look at them.
Step****Time: 2019-06-01
How long does the shipping usually take?
Dear Stephanie, we would like to tell you that your order is in process and the total time includes the processing time as well as shipping time. If everying goes smoothly, we will ship it out next week. Since you choose the express shipping, it normally takes 5-7 business days for delivery. 
Erib****Time: 2019-05-31
I made an order and I didnt see where to add Coupon Code MF30 and/or ML20 ,so the discount was not applied. please help. order id is 1905311300338
Dear Eribel Martinez, we would like to tell you that the item is $9.95 and two discounts can not be used together.